McDonald’s Aces (DVD and Special Cards)


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The effect is classic. The four aces are removed from the pack and set on the table. Twelve indifferent cards are also removed, three of them placed on top of each Ace. A spectator selects one of the four-card packets, and holds on to it for safekeeping. One by one, the other three Aces visually vanish. As if bearing witness to trick photography, your spectators will swear that the Aces are melting away before their eyes! When the spectator examines the cards in his possession, he discovers that they are none other than the four Aces!

A trick that has stood the test of time, McDonald’s Aces has been outlined in great detail on this nearly hour-long DVD. Professional magician Tomas Medina teaches you every nuance of the trick. Over one dozen vanishes are taught, as well as different methods for getting into and out of McDonald’s Aces.

Bonus footage gives you even more food for thought and handlings to consider.

Included with each copy of this DVD are the specially printed Bicycle cards required to perform the trick.