Mental Epic (Vintage Jim Zee)


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Picked this up from an old magician’s estate buy-out. Good pre-owned condition. All plexi-glass construction. Uses a grease pencil for marking on surfaces; no chalk used. No original instructions but we will supply the working if you are not familiar with the method and handling.

Effect: A large slate, 16-1/2″ long by 12-1/4″ tall, is displayed. The slate has been marked off into two rows of three. The magician makes a prediction in one of the top squares and then covers its position.

A spectator is asked to choose something, in our example let’s assume it’s a color. They name the color and the performer proceeds to write it in the open square beneath the one the performer just covered. Magician writes down a second prediction in the next top square and covers it as before. A different spectator is asked to think of something else, lets say a number. They name the number and it is written beneath the newly covered square. The same process is repeated with the last square, again the spectator chooses something different. When the three covers are removed all three predictions are a perfect match for the spectators thoughts!

This is a classic in the world of magic and mind reading! It never fails to receive a super strong reaction and the spectators may choose differently every time! A great effect appropriate for just about any kind of show.

Very easy to perform; mechanical in operation.

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