Mental Magic With Cards (Jean Hugard)


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This is a fine contained course in mental magic which not only just describes a selection of effects, but also the underlying principles as well as other aspects, such as ‘The importance of showmanship’.

You will learn to force cards, to use the key card principle, to mark and to prearrange, to understand the mirror principle, to work with codes and assistants, and a lot more.

Hugard is known for his excellent writing style, which is clear, accurate and engaging.

Table of Contents:


Forcing Thought Principle

The Key Card Principle

The Nail or Pin Marking Principle

The Prearranged Pack Principle

Various Presentations of the One Way Deck Principle

Tricks with Assistant as the Medium

Codes for Mind Reading with Cards

Forcing Decks

The Marked Card Principle

The Impression or Carbon System

The Mirror Principle

A Prediction

The Telepathic Bridge Game

This is a reprint of the original work by D. Robbins & Company, 1970. Soft covers; forty pages.