Mental Photography Deck – Blue Backs (Fox Lake Bridge Size)


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This is a pre-owned item in good working order and comes with instructions.

A favorite with Dr. Harlan Tarbell. Performer shows a deck of fifty-two cards which are clearly seen to be BLANK on BOTH sides. He then explains that by merely thinking of each card in the deck he can print the blank cards by MENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY. For example, performer thinks of the six of spades, and lo and behold, when the deck is cut, there is the six of spades!

Of course, the back of this card is blank, because he wasn’t thinking of a complete card, so the magician thinks of a “back” and, sure enough, now the six of spades has a back!

This process is continued for a few more cards to demonstrate MENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY, and finally the whole deck is printed backs and fronts with one cut of the cards. Now all cards are shown to be normal with fronts and backs. This is a shocker!

Finally the magic spell is broken by giving the cards just one cut and when they are spread between the hands the cards are seen to have returned to their former original blank state! All fifty-two cards are now BLANK once again on both sides! No trace of the printed cards remain! Again, another shocker! This will have them shaking and scratching their heads!

Well, it is almost unbelievable, yet it is true. Can anyone do it? Yes, with the greatest of ease, for the single cut of the cards does it all.