Mentalist Symbol Pack


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MSP is a new tool for the world of mentalism! Crafted to make it easy for you to perform a plethora of powerful mental effects. This special pack handles like a deck of cards and features custom artwork specifically created for mentalism.

Use for:
Straight forward mind reading!
Drawing duplications!
Impossible predictions!
Memorization routines!
Readings and more!

KILLER applications for stand up and close up. You receive 26 symbol cards and 26 additional cards and gaffs for even more effects.

Printed on a special synthetic polymer to last several times longer than a regular deck.

“As somebody who uses picture or symbol cards I can tell you they have a lot of uses both for walk-about and close-up. You’ll find your own pet effects that you will like to perform but they really are great and handy to have for both the magician and mentalist.” Paul Romhany, Reviews Vanish Magazine