Modern Coin Magic (D. Robbins Publication)


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By J. B. Bobo.

It has 116 coin sleights, and 236 coin tricks, with 510 illustrations.

In 16 chapters it covers every conceivable type of coin effect and sleight, using ordinary coins, plus chapters on trick coins like Shell Coins, Folding Coins, Coin Boxes like the Okito and Boston Box, Miser’’ Dream, and a wealth of other coin material.

The magician who can pull money out of thin air is a guaranteed hit with any audience.

Magic with coins is among the most fascinating and audience-appealing of impromptu tricks, or close-up magic. Money has a natural fascination for every individual, and the performer who can make money magically appear or multiply, vanish or change, penetrate through tables and brass boxes has the advantage of working with a prop of everyday interest.

Bobo’s Coin Magic is the classic work on coin magic, by an acknowledged master of the subject!

In 358 pages, with 510 illustrations, this book details over one hundred coin sleights and moves, and 236 coin tricks of every conceivable nature. A virtual encyclopedia on the subject, the book covers tricks with ordinary coins, gimmicked or trick coins, special coin boxes like the Okito and Boston Coin Box, and much, much more!

If there is a coin routine in existence, it is in this book, or has its roots in this work. A must for anyone interested in magic with coins!