Mutilated Parasol Plus (India)


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A deluxe model Mutilated Parasol Plus, with larger (ladies’ size) parasols, that snap open with the push of a button, allowing you to handle them with one hand, for the professional who wants the best.

Two empty tubes and three silks are shown. The three silks are pushed into a empty tube and tossed up into the air. When the contents are removed a parasol cover stitched from the three silks is found. The parasol cover is then pushed into a second empty tube that is tossed up again. When the contents are removed you have a complete parasol.

The parasols are very well made can be opened very easily with a one hand. This is the deluxe version of the mutilated parasol. This version comes with two clear net tubes, three silks, a loose parasol cover, six pieces of ribbons two each to match the colors of the three silks, a parasol with a cover in the same colors as the silk and finally a mutilated parasol with ribbons on the spikes in lieu of the cover.

You’ll get all the routines you can use, and ideas for a few more of your own creation when you read the instructions, and play with the props.

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