Nick Trost’s Classic Packet Tricks – The Unknown Card


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Effect: You count out six cards to show three face-up fours and three face-down cards. The cards are turned over and re-fanned to show three tens. An “unknown” card is removed from your packet and inserted into the fan. You now deal the fours face down to a spectator while you hold the tens and the “unknown” card.

Your cards are squared, turned end-over-end three times and re-fanned. The “unknown” card is pocketed. The tens are now gone and you show faces and backs of blank-face cards! The spectator’s cards are turned over and the fours are also gone! Finally you show where the spots went. They’re all on the face of the “unknown” card!

Easy to do. Complete with special cards.

The final reveal of The “Unknown Card” is an amusing kicker that generates smiles. It’s very easy to learn and perform, so you can put all the energy into making a good presentation.