Wooden One-Hand Change Bag – Standard (Bazar De Magia)


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This classic versatile changing prop is constructed with a velvet bag, cloth lined, that is attached to a painted wooden handle. This handle features the popular one-hand release which makes handling the bag very easy. This prop will allow the performer to produce, vanish, or exchange a multitude of different items.

When using it with soft items like silks, ribbons, and similar items, the bag may also be pulled inside out to show it empty. For larger or harder items, you can show the bag empty by turning it over.

Your uses for this changing bag will be only limited by your imagination. Some of the classic uses are: Blendo; Cut and Restored Rope; Color Changing Silks; Vanishing and Reappearing Knots; Forcing Slips of Paper or Playing Cards; Torn and Restored Paper; and lots more!