Pancho The Pickin Duck (Vernet)


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“Pancho the Pickin Duck” is a delightfully and updated version of the classic “Card Duck” or “Gwendolyn” done with a specially made puppet in brightly colored quality card. One by one, Pancho can reveal any number of chosen cards. For kids’ shows using alphabet cards, Pancho can pick out any chosen word. He can spell out the name of the birthday child. By using numbered cards he can successfully reveal the total of any added figures. Perfect for those who like to mix ventriloquism and magic! Suitable for stage or close up. Completely self contained.

There have been many versions of the Card Duck over the years. It was invented by Laurie Ireland c. 1932 and marketed by him as Otto, The Automaton Duck.

Kids love puppets and kids love magic. So, kids are really going to love “Pancho the Pickin’ Duck” when he does a card trick while blindfolded!  Once you perform this lovely effect you’ll see the appeal that this darling, pack-flat-play-big, yellow duck will have on your audience.

There are tons of opportunities for jokes, banter and physical humor between you and Pancho—even before you get to the card trick. Then, have him reveal one selected, signed card, or have him find a bunch of alphabet cards to spell the birthday kid’s name. He can even find the duck card in a pack of animal flash cards if you give him a chance!

If you’re familiar with the classic “Gwendolyn the Card Duck,” you’ll love Pancho. He’s a puppet, specially made from heavy card stock. There’s a secret gimmick in his mouth that’ll help you help him find the right card every single time.

Perfect for family shows
Use with alphabet cards to spell out a birthday child’s name
Use with number cards to do a math problem
Use with animal cards to find another duck
Brightly colored
Great in the living room or on the stage
Completely self-contained
Angle proof
Almost self-working
Pack flat, plays big

Pancho has so many magical possibilities. When you add him to your show, the kids are sure to “quack” up!