Particle Chamber Pea Can


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Note: This came from a magician’s estate buy-out. Very good condition. Aluminum construction. Maker not known but could be early Ickle Pickle. No instructions but we will include some from another make of Pea Can which works the same way. You must supply the three different colored peas or other items that will fit into the can depending on the type of routine you choose to do.

Effect: This trick is always good for a lot of laughs, especially in a bar or at a party. Show a small metal can and several peas. With your back turned, the spectators are to drop a secret number of peas in the can. You announce the number–and right or wrong–you say you will pour them out to be counted. Spectator holds out his hand and gets a stream of water into it.

Another simple, somewhat risque routine goes something like this:

Effect: A spectator is asked to select one of three items: a pea, a navy bean or a piece of popcorn. All three are put inside a small “Particle Chamber” can and plugged with the cork. The spectator is asked to hold out their hand and concentrate on the item they  selected. You then open up the container and state, “You were thinking of…the pea!” and pour “water” out into their hand!

Easy to do and always ready to work.