Paul Daniels Adult Magic (Barry Murray)


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Note: This is a pre-owned book with its original dust jacket. Good condition; 160 pages; photographs in text; glossary; references; clean and tight.

In “Paul Daniels Adult Magic” the world’s most popular magician presents the first magic instruction book aimed at the modern adult. In it, Paul Daniels has produced a dazzling collection of magical wonders and tricks which you can and will do. Magic is the most charming and challenging subject to those who know it and “Adult Magic” can be your guide to that charmed circle.

Paul explains tricks that can be performed at home, in the office, at the lunch table, in the pub and at the card table. There are tricks aimed at amazing adults or for baffling children; for impressing business clients or for entertaining your friends.

The reader of “Adult Magic” is soon aware of the tangible value and potential personal benefits that come with the ability to perform magic. Illustrated throughout with original photographs and drawings, “Adult Magic” can make a magician of you in a very short time.

From Paul Daniels you learn a typical magic routine and the patter to use while performing tricks. He will show you how to break the ice with magic in any business situation, how to deal a perfect bridge or poker hand from a shuffled deck and much more. You may never play the Palladium but you will have more fun than you ever thought possible.