Perspex A-La-Carte (Gaetan Bloom)


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This came from an old magician’s estate buy-out. Original instructions included. The special jumbo card that visibly turns into a whole card seems to work okay. You might want to supply some additional jumbo cut-up cards in addition to what is supplied to give the look of a good size pile of choices. Any old jumbo cards can be used and the backs do not need to match.

Effect: A card is selected, remembered, and returned to the pack, which is then discarded. The performer displays a small basket full of pieces of different jumbo size playing cards which have been cut into quarters and thoroughly mixed. The performer holds up a completely transparent piece of perspex (which can be examined) and picks out four different quarters at random from the box, dips each one into a glass of water (Instructions give an option where the water is not needed) and sticks them onto the sheet of perspex, boldly predicting that the four pieces will match up with the chosen card.

Unfortunately, the spectator confirms that only one corner matches the card. So the performer ‘guesses’ correctly which three corners are wrong, and discards them, but he is not finished yet! Announcing that he promised to find the whole card, he tells the spectator to watch the perspex carefully.

After the count of three, the corner visibly transforms into the whole card, a complete jumbo duplicate of the spectator’s regular size chosen card!