Pin and Wand Trick (Royal Magic)


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An over-sized safety pin and a small wooden wand are displayed. The pin runs through the wand.

The magician states that it is impossible to pass solid thru solid, yet he is going to accomplish this feat. A spectator holds both ends of the pin. The magician shows that even great pressure cannot make the wand pass through the pin. The magician asks others to try and they fail. Yet… upon the magician’s mystic command – PRESTO – solid passes thru solid!

Visibly, the pin penetrates through the wand. This happens as often as the magician likes. The penetration is visible. One second the pin is on one side of the wand and the next, it is on the other.

All the props can be examined at any point during, before, or after the trick.

No sleight of hand required.

Manufactured in the USA by FUN Incorporated.