Professor Cheer’s Comedy Rope Trick (Pre-owned)


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. Good pre-owned condition. Comes with instructions and what you see pictured.

If you’re looking for a really knee-slapping comedy routine requiring no spoken words whatsoever, this trick’s for you!

After performing your favorite rope trick, you notice that a piece of rope is hanging from your left coat sleeve. You pull on the rope and it just keeps coming out of your sleeve until you have a large coil of rope on the floor! You keep pulling on the rope, but it seems to be stuck in your sleeve. You find the other end of the rope up your left pant leg and start pulling again…the rope now goes up your coat sleeve and out the other trouser leg! All of a sudden the rope gets stuck again…this time the other end of the rope is found up the other trouser leg!

You start pulling again and finally as the other end disappears up the first trouser leg the rope again gets stuck. This time you give it a hard tug to try and pull the rope free. The good news is the rope finally comes out, but the bad news is that your shorts are attached to the rope! Always gets a scream, resets in seconds.