R. C. Buff’s Knot on the Square (Joseph K. Schmidt)


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This came from a magician’s estate purchase. There is a mark in the upper right hand corner of the front cover from a previous price label; otherwise the work is in clean and undamaged condition throughout; like-new.

First edition; first printing; July 1987; copyright Jeff Busby; California; comb binding; soft covers; 21 pages; page size: 8-1/2″ x 11″.

Written and illustrated with 100 illustrations by Joseph K. Schmidt.

New magic with ropes!

Contents include:

Square Knot to two Single Knots…..Then Back to Square Knot
The Reno Knot
A Real Square From Deleware!
The Thief Knot
Ashley’s “What Knot”
Half Hitched
The Chefalo Vanishing Knot
Chefalo Knot To Loop Of Rope
Under The Handkerchief
Instant Tying And Vanishing
The One-Armed Sailor
The Snob
Two Loops
End Of Routine
Dissolving A Genuine Square Knot While Ends Are Held By Spectators
The Rope With Two Centers – No Ends!
The Gordian Knot
The Square “Detector” (A Humorous Interlude)