R. C. Buff’s The Best of Buff (Joseph K. Schmidt)


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This came from a magician’s estate purchase.  There is a mark at the upper right hand corner of the front cover from a previous price label; otherwise the work is in clean and undamaged condition throughout; like-new condition.

First edition; first printing; December 1987; copyright Jeff Busby, Oakland, CA;
softcover; comb-bound; 30 pages; page size: 8-1/2″ x 11″.

Written and illustrated with 114 drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.

A selection of new and novel rope magic from R. C. Buff’s rare “Rope Leaflets”

Contents include:

1 Dizzy Rope (Alvin Gentil)
2 Patter for Dizzy Rope (Ralph White)
3 The Pretzel Knot (Some History)
3 The “Jack Miller Knot” (Conrad C. Bush)
5 On the Knee (R.C. Buff)
6 Bozo Bob’s “Al G. Bray Rope Cut” (Robert Clark)
7 Moustache Rope Cut (Bozo Bob)
8 Two Short Pieces of Rope? (R.C. Buff)
9 A Lady’s Influence (R.C. Buff)
10 Slip Knot (Joseph K. Schmidt)
13 Two Color Ropes and Ring (R.C. Buff)
15 Male or Female Rope (Joseph K. Schmidt)
18 Triplets (Joseph K. Schmidt)
19 It Was Just An Optical Illusion (Conrad C. Bush)
20 A Sliding Knot Sequence (Joseph K. Schmidt)
22 X-05 Thumb Penetration (Joseph K. Schmidt)
25 Rigid Rope Variation (R.C. Buff)
27 Impromptu Three-to-One (Woodrow Carpenter)
28 Ralph White Rope Routine (Ralph White)
30 Some “Eggs-tra” Ideas (R.C. Buff)
30 Miscellaneous (R.C. Buff)