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Note: This is a pre-owned book. There is a crease at the lower right corner of the cover; otherwise the book is in very good condition. No torn or creased interior pages. No pen or pencil notations.

SOS The Self Opening Soda Can (A soda can which can be borrowed) is caused to open with the performer’s hands, a foot or more away from the can. Real can, real soda, really amazing! Can even be done while the can is held by a spectator. Several versions, plus a bonus effect of a self opening beer bottle. This will work with almost any beverage can in an aluminum tab container.

Alright, so what do you get and what is this? Imagine, you show the spectators a (real) can of soda, or other canned beverage like tea for instance. You place the can on the table, or even in the palm of the spectator, hold your hands a foot or more away from the can, and have everyone concentrate on the can. As everyone watches, the tab of the can visible and loudly cracks open and pulls upward! You then pour the beverage out of the can and show the can to the audience for inspection!

This is a booklet of a little over 40 pages, and over a hundred photographs! It is soft cover and written in a conversational tone so the learning process is very personal as similar to watching a video as the step by step pictures unfold.

In this booklet you will be taught: The Original SOS, which can be done with a borrowed new can of soda. Note: this requires nerve and will not suit every performer. We prefer to do the set-up in advance ourselves, but the choice of using a borrowed soda can is there. You will also be taught several variations of the original, and “outs” in case the gimmick fails or you somehow “botch up”. You will also receive a totally impromptu method for those times when your reputation has spread and someone shoves a can at you with the demand that you “Do that soda thing!” You will also receive a free bonus effect of a self opening beer bottle as an extra something.

The gimmick required for this effect is something you either already have or will be able to obtain inexpensively from any magic dealer, and there are several versions that do not require the gimmick at all.