SH-H-H! it’s a secret by T. Annemann


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Annemann describes a wealth of excellent material in this wonderful booklet. The first, “Call Me Up Sometime” is a beautifully direct telephone miracle. This is a prime example of Annemann’s mantra of ‘effect before method’.

For the greatest part, mental, with some card effects, here are 40 outstanding tricks of an extremely subtle nature. All easy with no sleights or moves, suitable for club, close up, etc.

Soft covers; staple bound; 50 pages; published by Louis Tannen.

Contents include:

  1. Call Me Up Sometime
  2. The Borrowed Deck Tragedy
  3. Help Wanted In The Dark
  4. A Thought Is Fathomed
  5. Your Nose Knows
  6. A Rule Of The Thumb
  7. A Handkerchief Is Selected
  8. A Card Is Found Once More
  9. Odd or Even, Which?
  10. The Alternate Detection
  11. A New Kink
  12. Annemann’s Eight-in-a-Row Location
  13. Red or Black
  14. The Challenge Of The Year
  15. The Mind In Retrospect
  16. The Five Thought Effect
  17. The Guessing Contest
  18. The Two Person Location
  19. A Couple of Cards Get Together
  20. The New Deal Card Code
  21. The Perfect Club Slate Routine
  22. Fair and Square
  23. Dual Sympathy
  24. Another Sympathetic Mystery
  25. Triplets By Chance
  26. The Last of The Think Stop Tricks
  27. Your Card!
  28. The Tune Detective
  29. The Mindreader’s Dream
  30. Music In The Air
  31. A Quaint Happening
  32. The Prophecy of Occurrence
  33. The 203rd Force
  34. Nickels On The Brain
  35. Despair Of The Devil
  36. The Lady And The Gentleman
  37. The Bell Mystery
  38. Three Cards – The Three Numbers
  39. The $1000 Test Card Location
  40. Dead Men Tell No Tales!