Small Metal Card Frame With Stand


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From an old magician’s estate purchase. No instructions. Maker unknown.

A small metal frame is shown to your audience. The empty frame is covered with a handkerchief. Now a playing card is selected and returned to the deck. The magician now apparently invisibly removes the selected card from the deck and tosses it towards the frame. When the handkerchief is removed the selected card is found inside the frame!

This is a great little trick for the young beginner in magic but can also be used by an adult who is looking for a smaller frame that can fit into their jacket pocket.

Comes with the frame, acrylic stand, and instructions for use.

The frame will hold either a bridge-size or poker-size card.

Measures 3-5/8″ tall by 2-5/8″ wide.

You supply your own deck of playing cards, handkerchief, and other required items.

Note: The Eight of Spades seen in the picture is not included.