Snowstorm in China (Multi-Color)


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The Snowstorm In China mystery is one of the true classics of magic!

Effect: One of the HIT TRICKS of all the major magic conventions. Showing your hands absolutely empty you pick up a sheet of ordinary tissue paper and tear it into pieces. The torn pieces are dropped into a clear bowl or glass of water so as to become completely saturated. Then the pieces are removed and squeezed out. Taking a fan in the other hand, you start fanning the wet packet of tissue paper, when magically, HUNDREDS OF DRY PAPERS are seen to create a beautiful SNOWSTORM from your hands, UP, AROUND YOU, and ALL OVER THE STAGE!

One of the most visually appealing effects in magic! Absolutely no better way to dramatically end your show!

Self-contained, automatic, easy to do method!

Now made in a superior fine tissue model, that gives you twice as many flakes in each tablet, and the finer paper makes the flakes float down slowly like real snowflakes. Each Snow Storm packet has about 2,000 tissue paper “snow flakes” in a compact tablet. Each packet has flakes in 4 different bright colors.

You receive 10 Snowstorm packets and instructions; you supply the fan and bowl or glass.