Candy Cane Capers


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Here’s a great cut and restored paper trick for the Christmas holiday.

You show a 17″ long red and white candy cane and tell the story of the little boy who took little tastes of the candy cane, and it got smaller and smaller.

As the magician tells the above story the candy cane is cut in the middle a number of times yet the candy cane remains in one piece although a bit shorter each time (ala Clipper). The magician keeps cutting pieces from the middle of the candy cane until the original 17″ candy cane is now about 5″ long. Oh No! The little boy is going to be in trouble for eating the candy cane so the magician works his magic and restores the candy cane back to its original size!

You receive step by step illustrated instructions and complete routine including patter. You receive enough papers to perform the trick ten times.