Sucker Card Box (Wooden)


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The Sucker Card Box is similar to the classic sucker Die Box effect, but it is performed using a playing card instead of a die. You achieve the same sucker effect as the spectators feel that they have caught you, but you prove them wrong.

Effect: A small cabinet, having two doors and a small opening between them is introduced. One of the doors is opened and a selected card is placed into the compartment and the door is closed. Tilting the cabinet to the other side, open the door and say the card has vanished from the box. The spectators actually see the card sliding from one compartment to other through the space between the doors. Open the door a little and pretend as if it happened accidently and let the spectator be sure that the card is actually sliding from one compartment to other. Immediately close the door and tilt the box to the other side and then open the door to show them the card is not in the compartment. Repeat this sliding and opening the door a number of times until the spectators start yelling and shouting that the card is sliding from one side to other side of the box. Finally you open both the doors and show that the card has really vanished and you can make the card to re-appear from your pocket or elsewhere.

Very well made in quality Teak wood, a pleasure to own and perform. Teak is a natural wood with color variations within the prop. Quality brass hardware. Provide your favorite poker sized playing card.

Note: The playing card seen in the picture is for display purposes only and is not included.