Swami Gimmicks With Booklet


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There are some effects in conjuring that convey to the lay audience an impression of “real magic,” devoid of any props or apparatus and apparently working by some supernatural means. Amongst these are various categories of mental magic, including predictions. One of the best gimmicks ever created for predictions is the Swami Gimmick or nail writer. The gimmick allows the performer to write the prediction long after it was supposed to have been made!

You receive four Swami Gimmicks and two pieces of lead along with a thirty-one page manuscript on the use of – and ideas for – this utility mental magic gimmick for predictions.

Contents include:

The Swami Gimmick
Fixing The Lead In The Gimmick
Learning To Use The Swami Gimmick
Presentation Angles
Choosing A Spectator And Making A Prediction
Writing The Visible Prediction
The “Secret” Prediction
Other Considerations
Prediction Ideas
Easy Predictions
Advanced Predictions