The Best Tricks With Slates (Peter Warlock)


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The Best Tricks With Slates by Peter Warlock. Published by Louis Tannen, second  edition, 1970. Sixty-seven pages. New old stock.

A wonderful book explaining all the best slate tricks and effects, by Peter Warlock, who has used slate tricks in his programs for many years. Covers the manipulation of unprepared slates, the use of the flap, various mechanical slates and aids, little know methods of fake mediums, chemical writing and many other methods that are as effective as they are unique.

Section One: Wherein The Operator, Using Ordinary Slates, Obtains Writing On One Of The Slates

The Stack Of Slates

Jardine Ellis Routine With Three Slates

Routine With Two Slates

Maro’s Routine

Showing Slates Blank On Both Sides

Edward Victor’s Routine

Section Two: Methods Of Obtaining Writing On A Slate Or Slates By The Use Of A Flap Or Flaps

Getting Rid Of The Flap

The Locking Flap

Effects With The Flap Slate

A New Slant On A Slate Theme

A Method With Envelope

Slate Of Thought

The Ghost Of Little Willie

Cohesive Colors

The Famous Mathematician With Thayer Or Shannon Slates

Another Presentation With Thayer Or Shannon Slates

Second Method

Fred Hocking’s Slate Mystery

Section Three: Methods Of Obtaining Writing On A Slate By Chemical Means

The Proof Of The Theory

Question And Answer

Section Four: Methods For Obtaining Messages, Not Covered By The Previous Sections

J. F. Orrin’s Method

The Chalk Thumb Tip

Max Holden’s Method

Verrall Wass’ Method

Woodhouse Pitman’s Method

Methods Of Pseudo Mediums

Comedy Type Method (Flash Paper)

Another Method

Section Five: The Use Of The Slate As An Auxiliary

The Secreting Of Information

The Conveyance Of Information To An Assistant

Another Method

Third Method

As A Cover For Billet Reading

The Slate As A Drawing Board

A Second Routine

A Third Routine

The Slate As A Means For Switching Billets

Second Method