The Cardician…Edward Marlo 4th Printing 1975


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Pre-owned from an old magician’s estate purchase. Good condition.

Edward Marlo needs no introduction. He was one of the most prolific and influential creators of card magic. This is one of his most ambitious undertakings – a big book that runs the gamut of Marlo card magic. Unusual sleights, miraculous tricks, incomparable routines, material for the student, gems for the expert. Plus an interesting chapter showing how card tricks evolve and giving full credit to all inspirational sources for the entire book.

Contents include:

A Few Words…………

Chapter One
Sense Of Touch
The Wishing Card Trick
One Hand Control
The Marlo Miracle
Ten Years Ago
That Joker!
Flight Of Time
Card Thru Table
Push Thru Failure

Chapter Two
Sense And Nonsense With Cards
The Stripper Combine
Double Thought
Poker Prediction And A Principle

Chapter Three
Bottop Change
Platform Aces
Fifty – Fifty
Flight Of The Knave And Queen
Grab It

Chapter Four
Double Turnover Change
Ambitious Card Move
Misdirection Palm
Repeater Selected Card To Pocket
Simple Shift
Drop Switch Addition
Method For Crimping
One Hand Throw Cut
Challenge Cutting Of Aces
Tabled Second Deal

Chapter Five
It’s A Dilly
Another Dilly
Spelling Selected Cards
The Nail Gauge Spell
Spin Change Discovery
Jacks To Aces
Hit The Aces
Logical Faced Aces
In One Shuffle
The Late Arrival
Invisible Bottom Deal
The Follow Up Aces
Traveling Card
The False Count
Impromptu Leipzig
Pockethereal Minus Pockets

Chapter Six
The Double And Triple Buckle
No Glide Aces
No Glide Aces; Second Method
No Glide Aces; Bluff Method
Swindle Aces
Three Card Monte Climax
Monte Climax Kicker
Oil And Water
Cardician Makes Good
Visual Transposition

Chapter Seven
Red And Blue Telepathy
Double Thoughts-Single Deck
Mental Reverse
Mental Reverse 2
Cardician’s Dream
21 Card Trick Streamlined
Touch Retouched-Retouched
Magic Total
Eight-Two Locator
Bold Prediction
The Whispering Queen
Open Prediction

Chapter Eight
Follow The Leader
Four Ace Vanish
The First Vanish
The Second Vanish
The Third Vanish
The Fourth Vanish
The Climax
The Trick Deck
The Torn Card Trick
Some Challenging Ideas