The Dime And Penny (Lloyd E. Jones) 2nd Edition 1946 Published By Tenyo Co. Ltd. (Scarce)


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Originally copyrighted in June, 1945 by Lloyd E. Jones in Oakland, California. This is the second Edition; dated 1946. This edition was published by the Tenyo Company, Ltd. in Japan and except for the front cover and the first and second page the entire interior text is in Japanese.

Soft covers; staple bound; 20 pages; good condition. The rear cover has the Tenyo rabbit logo in the lower right corner; there are some transfer stains to the rear cover (see picture)

The basic trick is this: A dime and a penny are placed on the palm of a spectator’s hand, which is closed over the coins. When the hand is re-opened, the dime has vanished as completely as though it had never existed. Only the penny, which the spectator may examine, remains.

Easy to execute and profoundly perplexing to the laymen. This is close to being the perfect coin trick.

This booklet describes several routines and ideas all revolving around the specially constructed dime and penny trick.

Some of the contents includes:

The Basic Vanish

Matter Through Matter

Matter Through Spectator

The Sixteen Cent Trick

Forty-one Cent trick

A Quick Vanish


Street Car Mis-Adventure

Black Market

I Don’t believe It!

Allez Oop!

And More!