The No Choice Wallet (Anthony Miller & Mark Mason)


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Effect: A small credit card wallet is placed on the table. A deck of cards is genuinely shuffled and a spectator removes any card. This card is slid into the clear credit card holder. There are no switches, etc.

The wallet is flipped over so to show a money clip on the back. Under the clip, there is one banknote which can be a note from any country in which you live. Now the wallet is handed to the spectator and they remove the note from the clip. Written on the note, in big bold black letters, is: YOU WILL CHOOSE THE JACK OF CLUBS.

They slide out their chosen card and it proves to really be the JACK OF CLUBS!

Now the magician claims the spectator really had no choice and the same deck is handed to them: EVERY CARD IS BLANK!

You will love the method, it is such a brilliant idea!

The wallet is only 3-3/4″ x 2-3/4″ (9.5 cm x 7.5 cm)
You can put everyday objects inside, cash, cards, driver’s licence, etc.
Also comes with other bonus ideas and handlings.
It can be a different card every time.
An incredible price for this quality and effect!

You must supply your own blank deck of cards.

On-line instructions.