The Rising Cards (Tenyo) T-218


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This is new, never used, and unopened. Comes with the original English packaging and instructions.

Effect: A spectator selects and remembers one playing card. After the card is returned, the magician makes a magical gesture towards the deck and mysteriously, the selected card rises by itself up from the deck! You can even make the spectator’s card rise without touching the cards at all.

The Devano Rising Cards is a masterpiece created by British magician Harry Devano may years ago. It has found its way into the repertoire of many professional magicians. It is truly one of the best gimmicks ever created in the history of card magic. You can make multiple cards rise one after the other, increasing the number of spectators who are involved in your performance. Best of all, your audience can be right up close when the cards are rising, since the gimmick is completely invisible from all angles.

Note: No threads or wires are used. The mechanism is ingenious and completely hidden inside the deck of cards so there are no angles or lighting to worry about. Believe us, this will become one of your favorite card effects!