The Second Book of the Strange (Laurence D. Gadd)


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Pre-owned but in very good condition; dust cover shows some shelf wear but is complete without any tears or creases. Interior of book is like-new.

This book is by Laurence D. Gadd and the Editors of the World Almanac.

Are space ships from other planets landing on earth and making contact with humans? Is the surface of the earth not stationary but actually in constant motion, creating what scientists call “continental drift”? How soon will it be until we can reproduce an exact replica of ourselves-a clone-from only one cell of our bodies?

The Second Book of the Strange gives current information on the unexplained and the unexplainable phenomena of nature, science, and human experience. Fully illustrated, The Second Book of the Strange covers a wide range of topics: odd diseases, aging and death, new uses for genetic knowledge, bizarre animals such as the electric fish and the transvestite fly, unusual plants, animal phenomena, unidentified flying objects, cults, parapsychology, strange people, and legendary creatures.

Who was the man in the iron mask? What really happened to Judge Crater? How can people spontaneously burst into flames and be reduced to ashes while their clothes remain untouched?

The Second Book of the Strange discusses these questions and hundreds of other fascinating issues, giving us facts and theories about some of the most bizarre and intriguing phenomena of nature and the human experience.

Hardcovers with dust jacket; 341 pages; copyright 1981

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