The Work of Ken Brooke and Friends on the Malini Egg Bag


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Pre-owned from a magician’s estate purchase. Good condition. Soft covers; staple bound; 21 pages; page size: 8-1/2″ by 11″.

The Malini Egg Bag is an iconic effect in magic. Professionals around the world use this item and regard it as one of their finest tricks.

Ken Brooke (1920-1983) was a performer and magic dealer in London who profoundly influenced magicians throughout the UK. He is well known for fully developing every routine he sold into complete commercial pieces, which he taught to every customer.

Ken Brooke knows a good trick when he sees one and when he saw the egg bag he took it even further; working out new ideas and routines, as well as talking it over with top close-up entertainers overseas. After Ken wrote his ideas and routine for the prop, Pete Biro made rough sketches and notes that he in turn gave to Sid Lorraine. Sid did the marvelous illustrations that take you through every word of the manuscript. The end result is this fabulous work which is seen by many as a must-read for anyone interested in the Malini Egg Bag. The Malini Egg Bag is a great trick—Ken Brooke’s ideas embellish and adorn it to make it even greater.