There & Back (David Regal)


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This came from a magician’s estate purchase. Excellent pre-owned condition. It appears to have never been used as the gimmicks are still held down in their place as it was originally sold.

Effect: A borrowed ring placed under an inverted drinking glass completely vanishes and re-appears under a second drinking glass a distance away!

You get an extremely clever device that effortlessly and invisibly moves a borrowed finger ring or a marked coin from one place to another. How sneaky is There & Back? When David explains the method to magicians and then performs it, they are fooled a second time — even after they know the secret!

This effect has been used by David Regal to close his Magic Castle shows for many years and Paul Daniels has performed it on one of his TV specials in England. It’s that good!

Comes with photo-illustrated instructions and a custom made mat prop which was specifically manufactured just for this routine. And the good thing is you can use any drinking glasses.

Note: “There & Back” is the most talked about and praised routine from David Regal’s video/DVD series!