Tiny Dice Vase (Mikame)


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From an old magic shop buy-out. New old stock. Never used! Comes with the original instructions and packaging box.

This is a nice utility item from Mikame Craft that allows you to force a number of dice, transform them and even make dice appear and disappear.  It is very simple in operation, but really quite clever and comes with 18 dice to give you a number of options for routines. As with most Mikame Craft items it is also very beautifully made and finished!

Effect: A beautiful 2-14″ tall wooden vase that can be used to vanish or produce a number of miniature dice. Includes four different routines with the instructions. Your imagination is the limit; use it for vanishes, forces, transpositions, predictions, and productions. Pocket sized and perfect for the close-up performer!

Note: Only 9 dice are shown in the picture but you will receive a total of 18 dice as mentioned above.