Tops Treasury of Illusions….Compiled by Neil Foster


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Soft covers; 1st edition; March 1965; very good pre-owned condition.

There are very few books in magic dealing with the subject of stage illusions. Most secrets and workshop plans or blueprints sell for several dollars up to hundreds for each illusion.

This book delved into the past twenty-five years of The TOPS Magazine (over 300 issues) and selected SIXTY of the finest illusions that have appeared in its pages. These are suitable for the modern stage magician, nightclub act and sideshow performer. Practical illusions to meet todays working conditions (none require old-fashioned stage traps, etc.) and many can be made at a very reasonable cost.

The sixty illusions run the gamut of stage effects figuratively and literally from A to Z, from the “Artists Dream Illusion” to the “Zombi Girl Illusion” with fifty-eight more in between covering a wide variety. There are principles of Black Art; a Levitation; three Penetration Illusions; four Comedy Illusions; four Double-Exchanges; five Escapes; six distinct Novelty-type illusions; seven methods for performing the famed East Indian Rope Mystery; eight illusions for vanishing a human being and nineteen illusions designed for the appearance or production of one or more persons!

In addition, to the SIXTY illusions there are extra features such as four pages devoted to the building of a portable stage “back set”; Kellar’s original patter for his presentation of “The Levitation of The Princess Karnak”; rare newspaper advertising and publicity used by such world famous illusionists as Thurston, Dante, Nicola, Blackstone, etc.; two unusual lists of ‘show and railroad requirements’ for Howard Thurston’s big show.

Compiled by Neil Foster. Printed on quality stock the book measures 8-1/2 x 11 inches, 100 pages with over 150 illustrations and pictures and an art cover.

We take great pride in offering “TOPS TREASURY OF ILLUSIONS” to the magic fraternity. The secrets of most of these illusions are not obtainable in any other book! Never before has such a complete and authoritative book on illusions been published.

Contents include:

Artists’ Dream Illusion
Beauty and the Least
Big Opener
Bikini Girl Illusion
Black Art Principles
Book of Life
Catch a Ghost Illusion
Chest Escape
Chinese Straight Jacket
Church of Life Illusion
Cinemagic (Motion Pictures to Life)
Close-Up Illusion
Club Performer’s Spook Act
David Devant’s Hindu Rope Trick
Don’t Shoot, Mister!
Double “B” (Box Ballyhoo)
Double Exchange Illusion
Duel of the Ghosts
Dunninger’s East Indian Rope Trick
Everything But the Kitchen Sink
Floating a Strange Lady
Floating Effects With Thread
Gallows Illusion
Gambol of the Ghosts
Girl From Cape Illusion
Grandfather’s Clock Illusion
Haunted House
Hiding an Assistant
Hindu Rope Illusion
Houlette Illusion
Instant Vanish Illusion
J.K. Wright’s Indian Rope Trick
Kellar’s Levitation Patter
Keyo Illusion
Magic Back Set
Name Plates Illusion
Night Club Hindu Rope
Oriental Cabinets
Packing Box Escape
Paradox Hatbox Illusion
Pile Driver Illusion
Pillory Escape
Queen of the Ribbon Cage
Satan’s Seat
Screen and Tabouret Illusion
Seeing Thru a Girl
Sorcerer’s Cellar
Stage Thermometer
Surrealistic Art
Svengali’s Rope Trick
Television Production
Tent of the Sultan
Thurston Show Requirements
Totable Totem-Pole
Vanishing Boy
Vanishing Boy and Auto
Vanishing Dog
Walking Thru a Ribbon
Walking Thru a Steel Plate
Wonderful Vanish
Zombi Girl