Tri-Fli-Silk (Dr. Victor Trask)


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This is a pre-owned item that is in good cosmetic and operating condition and comes with the original instructions.

Effect: Magician shows a small tray with three glasses on it. A silk handkerchief is inside the right glass. Performer tells the audience that the silk will magically jump from the right glass into the left glass. The performer places the outfit behind his back for a moment and when brought back into view the silk is seen inside the left glass. The audience isn’t impressed as they believe all the performer did was to turn the tray around.

These actions are repeated a few times until someone yells out to make the silk jump into the middle glass. For the surprising climax the performer holds the tray out in front of his body and the silk is visually seen to jump from the end glass into the center glass!

Supplied complete with silk.