Triple Cube Prediction


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The performer displays a drawstring bag from which he removes six cubes, then hands them to a spectator. Of the cubes, two have red, two have black and two have green spots.

Three additional cubes remain in the drawstring bag, still unseen, which the magician says are his prediction.

The spectator is invited to choose any three cubes from the six cubes that they hold. This is a totally free selection; no forces are used.

Remember, there are two of each color, so there are many possible combinations.
For example, they can choose a red, a green and a black cube.
Or, they can choose two green cubes and a red cube.
Or a black cube and two red cubes.
You get the idea! There’s a good number of possibilities.

The spectator sets their three chosen cubes out in front of themself.

And now the magic happens!
One by one, the magician reveals the three cubes he has hidden.
Of course they match the colors of the three cubes your spectator chose!

The bag is shown to be completely empty to prove no additional cubes are being used.

Easy to do!