Two-Tone Red Egg Bag


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. No instructions. Maker not known. Supplied with the two-tone red bag and a wooden egg. The reason we are calling this two-tone red is because one side of the interior of the bag is a different shade of red from the rest of the bag.

The basic effect: An egg is placed into a small cloth bag and made to vanish. The spectator sees the magician “STEAL” the egg from the bag and place it into his pocket. The magician is caught! Now the trick is repeated but this time the spectator thinks that he sees the egg being placed under the magician’s arm. To everyone’s surprise the egg is not under the arm but is back in the bag! This time the magician agrees to tell the audience how the trick is done but after the explanation the audience is more confused than ever! You’ll have lots of fun with this one!