Valuable Information For Magicians (U. F. Grant)


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“It is a pleasure to release this information to you. Here is information gathered over the years from close association with magicians in all fields of the magic business, along with the very latest information and methods as given to me for release in this publication by men in those fields, men who have been a success in their particular field, not millionaires but men who have made an honest living by the grand art of magic.”……U. F. Grant

Topics Include:

Summer and Winter Resort Hotels
Playing Cruises
Helping To Eliminate Are Shows
How To Routine A Magic Act or Show
Ideas For Salesmen Who Do Magic
Touring The World On Five Good Pocket Tricks
Having A Newspaper Sponsor Your Show
Having Stores Sponsor Your Show
How To Book and Sell Tickets By Phone
Program Method of Making Money
How To Create Interest
Playing Fairs
Playing Children Shows
Best Method of Booking School Assembly Shows
How To Get A List of Schools
Thurston’s Secret Preparation
How To Originate Tricks
How To Write Your Own Patter
Correct Way To Hypnotize A Rabbit
Publicity Gag
The $200 Show Plan

Pre-owned from an old magician’s estate purchase.

Published by the U.F. Grant, Columbus, 1949.

Soft cover manuscript, stapled at top, 15 pages, 8-1/2″ x 11”

Horizontal crease across the center where the manuscript has been folded in half at some point in time.  The top introduction page (not a full page) has a small tear at the top by the left hand staple. Otherwise the manuscript is in very good and clean condition.