Vintage Abbott’s “Crazy Card Trick”


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This came from an old magician’s estate and comes with the original instructions.

You’ll be in the groove with the Crazy Card Trick, complete with “Patter and Business.” We guarantee it will be your “hit” novelty trick.

You explain how you bought this book on easy card tricks – no skill, no practice – just three hands, etc. and you want to try out one. You read the instructions from the book and the fun begins. According to the book the chosen card is always the Queen of Diamonds so this is the card you name – wrong!

Checking the secret in book, you try again by opening the pages of the book to show a giant Three of Diamonds – Wrong!

The next try shows the Six of Hearts, double the size – Wrong again!

So you decide to use your magic and find the right card. Spectator calling out the name of their card – the Five of Spades. A flick of the book and you display a  super giant size Five of Spades!

This last card measures 20 x 30 inches!

It’s fun all the way with a smashing climax!

This book can also be used to discover three chosen cards.

Size of book is 7-1/2 x 10 inches.

Use it over and over again.