Vintage “Bob’s Breakthrough” (Robert Swadling)


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Effect: A red deck of bridge-size Fox Lake cards is introduced. The top card is shown and placed into the center of the pack but magically returns to the top! Now the card is placed near the top and once again returns to top!

The card is pulled half-way out of the pack and cut to center and turned around horizontally and visibly pushed through the pack. It is seen to visibly change and then return to its original denomination as it is pushed back.

Card is taken from the pack and placed on the table, but it returns to the top of the pack and the card on the table has changed to a completely different card!

You receive a brand new, unopened, still sealed, deck of red backed Fox Lake cards, the specially gimmicked card to match, a blue vinyl wallet, and detailed instructions.

Note: The instructions are lightly soiled and toned from age.  They text is still very legible, and the illustrations good and clear.