Vintage Repeat-O Pocket Cards (O’Dowd Mfg.)


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Picked this up from an old magic shop buy-out. New old stock. Never used. Comes with the original packaging envelope and instructions along with the special bridge-size cards.

Effect: The performer openly and slowly counts six cards. Two of the cards are then discarded. However, upon recounting the cards, the performer finds he still has six cards left. This is repeated two more times, each time two cards being discarded and each time the performer is left with six cards.

In other words, performer starts out with six cards, discards six cards but still has six cards left. This is the first effect.

Once again the performer counts the cards showing that there are six. He removes one of the cards from the six, calls attention to its suit and value, and places it back in the packet. This card is commanded to vanish from the packet and pass into the performer’s pocket.

The cards are counted slowly and only five remain, the one noted having vanished. This card is then removed from performer’s right trouser pocket, shown and tossed on the table. A second and third card are caused to pass to the pocket in the same manner. Performer then has only three cards left. He places these cards into his left trouser pocket and commands them to pass to the right trouser pocket. The three cards are then removed from the right pants pocket!

A complete routine! No sleights! Self-contained!