Watch Box Deluxe (Teak)


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The prop we supply is handsomely crafted in solid Teak wood, and comes complete with lock and instructions for many applications for using this utility prop.

The “Watch Box” is a magic prop that enables you to secretly remove items from or introduce them into a locked box. The secret of the special box is a hinged panel, which can be opened or shut when the box is locked. Anything that will fit may be introduced or removed from the box in the locked state. If you like, you can cover the box with a handkerchief, and operate the panel. Or you can just angle this away from the audience and operate it. Tilt the box and the item within slides out into your hand.

The original presentation for the “Watch Box” was to borrow a watch, which was locked by the spectator in the box. The watch was secretly stolen away, and reproduced from a loaf of bread, or other similar place. The box was unlocked and shown empty. This sort of presentation can be used with any personal item, which can be uniquely identified by the borrower.

Note: The box can also be used as a PREDICTION CHEST.

Measures 3-3/4″ long, 2-7/8″ wide, and stands 2-3/4″ tall.