Wax Taqs Quick Stick


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The “Wax Taqs Quick Stick” is a super soft, sticky wax conveniently packaged in a chapstick tube. Instead of digging for wax when you need some, simply pick up a “Wax Taqs Quick Stick” and be ready to perform some impromptu miracles!

Keep it in your pocket for performance at a moments notice! The exclusive blend of natural oils and premium waxes make this the best wax on the market for soft, sticky applications, including Card on Ceiling!

• Perform BIG, pocket size!
• Fast setting for instant results!
• Soft wax in an easy to use stick!
• Blended exclusively for magicians!

The “Wax Taqs Quick Stick” does for soft wax what “Wax Taqs Invisible Thread Anchors” did for hard wax. Wax Taqs make the method more convenient, which empowers magicians to create and perform without restriction!

The “Wax Taqs Quick Stick” is a durable product that reacts evenly across more temperature zones than ordinary magician’s wax. Completely safe to the touch, this wax temporarily bonds to metal, plastic, wood, and finished surfaces, including most non-porous surfaces.

Now you can perform any trick that uses soft wax, impromptu!

Note: The “Wax Taqs Quick Stick” is versatile, but it doesn’t come with any  instructions. The tricks are up to you.