Adair’s Crystal Clear Image


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The image in the crystal ball – in the middle of the puzzle pieces – is the chosen card!

Effect: A spectator selects a playing card from a shuffled deck. From a colored envelope, the performer removes four jig-saw pieces and arranges these onto a table surface. He asks a spectator to assist by forming these four pieces into one complete jig-saw. This done, the completed jig-saw displays a crystal ball on a stand.

The performer states that when the jig-saw pieces are reversed, the other side displays the same crystal ball. Reversing the pieces the spectator is once again asked to complete the jig-saw. When completed, although the illustration appears to be the same, there’s one piece missing – the center – there’s a definite gap! That’s a puzzle on its own – but the effect is not over yet. The envelope, which has been in full view throughout, is opened by the spectator who finds a smaller envelope with an extra jig-saw piece inside. It’s the missing piece, and it fits the central gap, completing a full illustration of the crystal ball.

But…wait a moment…. there’s now an image in the crystal ball – an image of a playing card – yes, it’s an image of the chosen card!

An excellent puzzle developed into a smart mental effect. Printed on board and comes complete with required envelopes and instructions.