Alphabetical List of Magic Books & The Allied Arts #9 (New and Used)



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12 Illusionettes (William W. Larsen)

21 Himber Wallet Routines (Ken Baker)

23 Deceptions With A Changing Bag (Published By D. Robbins & Company) (2)

A Book Of Entertainment (Dell O’Dell) – Signed

A Lecture By David Roth – Coins – Close-Up Magic

A Rumor In Their Own Time – Close-Up Collaboration Scotty York/Jamy Ian Swiss

Atmosphere Inflatique – Volume 1 (T. Myers)

Balloon Hats (T. Myers) (2)

Bengel’s Best Of Spades – The First In A Series Of Lecture Notes (Bob Bengal)

Bennett’s Best (Horace Bennett) – Published By Jerry Mentzer 1975

Billiard Balls Manipulation Routine & Sleights (Walter E. Cummings)

Boy’s Life Magazine – March 1992 – Magic Issue

Cheating At Cards (Al Lampkin)

Chinatown Quarter Magic (Hen Fetsch) – Published By Louis Tannen, Inc. (2)

Chris Kenner’s Threefly – Killer Coins Across – Copyright 1991

Coin Magnetrix (Frederick L. Kraft & Arthur Kraft) – Paul Diamond Presents #3

Coining Magic (Ed Marlo) – An Ireland Publication – 3rd Printing 1974

Comedy Magic (George Blake)

Consumer’s Buying Guide To Magic (Marshall Johnson)

Cool Tricks – A Grown-Up’s Guide To Things You Never Learned To Do As A Kid

Designer Collection – Balloons From The T. Meyers Academy Of Arts Inflatique

Dingle’s Deceptions With Cards And Coins (Harry Lorayne) (2)

Don’t Stall, Stahl! – The Innovative & Creative Magic Of David Stahl

Early Vernon – The Magic Of Dai Vernon In 1932 (Edited Bt Faucett W. Ross)

Eddie Joseph On Cups And Balls – 1984 Abbott’s Magic Company

Edward Reno Book Covers (From Martinka & Company)

Father Cyprian’s T.V. Card Rise

Fortune Magic #7 (Marconick) – Copyright 1982 – Edited By Peter Warlock

Four Ace Intro’s (Ken De Courcy)

Gaetan Bloom 86 – Clever New Magic From France’s Foremost Creative Magician

Genii Illusions – Selected From Genii Magazine – Micky Hades Publication

Grant’s Illusion Secrets (U. F. Grant)

Handkerchief With Seven Corners (Charlie Miller) – Manuscript

Hank Moorehouse Presents Comedy On Stage

Harry Allen & Irv Cook Present A Lecture On Children’s Magic (2)

How To Pick Pockets (Eddie Joseph) – Abbott’s Magic Publication – 6th Edition

I wouldn’t Like To Play Cards With You! (Harry Stanley)

Increases (Dave Winkler) – Instructional Booklet Only – Tom Prete’s Magic Arts

International Lecture 1998 – On Your Marks, Get Set, Go! (Boris Wild)

Introduction To Coin Magic (Shigeo Futagawa)

Jay’s Jinking Rings (The Ireland Magic Company)

John Ramsay’s Cylinder And Coins (Victor Farelli)

Knowing The Rising Cards (Will Ayling) – A Supreme Magic Publication

Larry Jennings On Card & Coin Handling (Jeff Busby)

Linking Rings – An Exciting Routine By Herman L. Weber

Loopy Loop – A Treatise On The Endless Chain (George Blake)

Loren Michaels Presents SHHHHHH! A Lecture On Silent Night

Mac King’s First Lecture Notes

Mad Mojo (Andrew Mayne)

Magic Info – Magazine For Magicians – Volume 2, Number 1, May/June 1974

Magic Library – Card Tricks (Bruce Smith)

Magic Library – Coin And Banknote Tricks (Bruce Smith)

Magic Library – Handkerchief Tricks (Bruce Smith)

Magic Library – Ring And Rope Tricks (Bruce Smith)

Magic Of The Masters (Jack Delvin)

Magic With Finger Rings (Jerry Mentzer)

Magic With No Entertainment Value II – Lecture Notes By Steve Beam

Making Inflation Work For You (T. Myers & Merianne)

Masters Of Magic Series – The Homing Ring (Camirand Academy Of Magic)

Masters Of Magic Series – The Two Goblets (Camirand Academy Of Magic) (2)

Michael Ammar’s Magical Arts Journal – Arcane Double Issue, Vol 2, No. 7-8

Michael Ammar’s Magical Arts Journal – Paul Harris – The Act (2)

Mike Bornstein’s New Commercial Money Magic #4 (Copyright Mike Bornstein 1990)

Monkeys & Puppies & Bears, Oh My! (T. Myers And Merianne)

Money Magic (Jean Hugard) – Published By Louis Tannen

More Jokes For The John (Kanrom)

Okito Coin Box Routines (Mohammed Bey)

Paul Harris Reveals Some Of His Most Intimate Secrets (Paul Harris)

Phantini Revisted – Mental Key, Contact, And More (Gene Grant)

PlayClown – Magazeen For Clown Entertainers – Vol 3, Number 1, Dec 1991

Professional Restaurant Magic (Jim Sisti)

Robert Nickle Handbook On Cards And Dice

Russ “Windy” Douton Balloon Lecture 1979

Sands’ Improved Ropesational (George Sands)

Science Experiments & Amusements For Children (Charles Vivian)

Some Of My Favorite Hats – Balloon Hats – Volume 2 (T. Myers)

Stage Illusions For The 1-2 Or 3 Performer Show (Burling “Volta” Hull)

Stars Of Magic Presents Jarrow’s Hanky-Panky – Series 3, Number 5

Subtle Card Sleights – Tried And Tested Magic Tricks (Charles C. Eastman)

SuperMagic (Paul Harris) – Copyright 1977 By Chuck Martinez

Super Twilight (Daniel Cros)

The Best Dam Tricks (Magic-Ian) – First Edition 1980

The Change Raisers (W. M. Tucker)

The Classics Of Magic – Coin Tricks – Volume 1 (Tom Osborne)

The Coin And Beer Can (Larry Jennings)

The Dime And Penny (Lloyd E. Jones)

The Floating Key Card…Plus! (Simon Lovell)

The Gambler’s Book Shelf – Baccarat Fair And Foul (Professor Hoffman)

The Gambler’s Book Shelf – How To Win At Gin Rummy (Harold Hart)

The Left Handed Handkerchief (Charlie Miller) – Manuscript

The Magic Of Allan Lambie (Tony Taylor & Micky Hades)

The Magic Of Eric Decamps – Compendium 1 (2)

The Magic Menu – Year One – September 1990 to August 1991 (Jim Sisti)

The Magic Menu – Year Two – September 1991 to August 1992 (Jim Sisti)

The Magic Menu – Year Three – September 1992 to August 1993 (Jim Sisti)

The Magic Playground (Ronald J. Dayton)

The Magical World – Wednesday, November 16th, 1910 – Edited By Max Sterling

The Minotaur – Half Bull, Half Magic – Copyright 1996 – Special Lecture Issue

The Miser’s Miracle (Jerry Andrus) – Signed – Second Printing

The Money Magic Of Mike Bornstein (Oscar Weigle & Alan Dell)

The Pull Book (Patrick Page)

The Sympathetic Silks – Ganson’s Magic Teach-In Series (Lewis Ganson)

The Warpsmith Returns (Tom Stone) – Signed

Top Secret Long Lost Manuscript

Tricks With A Folding Coin (Magic, Inc.)

Tricks With Coins Or Modern Coin Manipulation (T. Nelson Downs)- Wehman Bros.

Working Alone (Danny Archer)

World’s Best Clown Gags (Compiled By Clettus Musson)

Yearbook 1969-70 – Salute To Collectors (Magic, Inc.)

Zella Ring Thru Space (MAK Magic)