Believe It Or Not Card Trick (Vintage Adams)


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This came from an old magic shop buy-out. New old stock (NOS). Never used. Comes with the special cards, instructions, and original envelope.

Effect: Three playing cards turn upside down in a most amazing manner!

This is a vintage 1967 S.S. Adams Novelty Company magic card trick. This is one of the card tricks from the set of eight (8) different card tricks produced and distributed by the S.S. Adams Novelty Company of Neptune, New Jersey. Sam Adams began the novelty company in 1906 with the company continuing to produce and sell novelties after his death in 1963. He created over 650 items of jokes, tricks, pranks, and magic. He became world famous as the “King Of Professional Pranksters”. This vintage card trick is just one of the many card tricks produced by the company over the years. This is an opportunity to own a vintage piece of pranking and trick history. Buy them to impress your friends with your ability to perform card tricks or start your own collection of Adams magic, jokes, and novelties.