Bruce Cervon’s Hard Boiled Mysteries by Stephen Minch


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Fifty-two prized effects!

Including – The Twenty-Five Dollar Aces Trick: Aces out-jogged in the deck transpose separately, with indifferent cards, the last one visibly!

Impact Aces: Used in Cervon’s Magic Castle close-up show for years!

Bruce’s own Sub-Mariner Cards: Four face-up cards penetrate a wallet one at a time! This has been kept secret for over a quarter of a century, now finally released, it contains subtleties that bring it into the mind-blowing realm!

Other items are Bruce’s beautiful treatments of such classics as:

Ring Again!  The ring-off-the-rope routine
la Matrix
Vernon – Cervon Run-Up Demonstration
Quadruple Coincidence
Triple Change
The Mac Switch
And an enormous vault of other great magic. All designed to make an unforgettable impression on the toughest of the tough guys.

“Hard-Boiled Mysteries” is a winner! This book gives you the low-down in great detail, including the telling tips and touches that show how to “kill” your audience with these “Hard-Boiled Mysteries”!

Hardcovers, factory sealed in shrink wrap; 8 1/2″ x 11″ with a handsome full color dust jacket; 192 pages; hundreds of clear photos of Bruce’s hands. The name Bruce Cervon guarantees first class original effects.