Cig-O-Rama (Frank Garcia)


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. Good condition. Comes with the original two pages of instructions, two gimmicks, and some fake cigarettes. Real cigarettes can also be used but the instructions state that the routine should first be learned using the supplied fake cigarettes.

If you ever wanted to perform a cigarette production routine here is one that can be learned in a fairly short amount of time. In this routine Frank Garcia has eliminated all the complicated and difficult moves.

Effect: The performer produces a cigarette and places it between the fingers of his left hand. This is followed by another and another until five are produced and displayed between the fingers as can be seen in the picture.

This is an effect that Frank Garcia has featured in his performances. Each and every move is fully explained in the instructions. The effect of producing one cigarette after another is a pure applause getter!