Done With Mirrors (MAK Magic)


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Effect: The magician shows four different Bicycle-backed poker-size playing cards, all of the same value, like for example, the Three of Spades, the Three of Clubs, the Three of Hearts, and the Three of Diamonds. (The cards you receive may have different values, but the effect created will be the same as described) One by one, the magician causes the four threes, to magically turn face-down. It’s really puzzling to see the cards face-up at one moment, and then, without any suspicious-looking moves, the cards are shown to have turned over.

After the last card has turned face-down, the magician tells the audience how the trick works. “It’s all done with mirrors”, says the magician. The cards are now shown to have a mirror finish on the fronts and on the backs! A great and very surprising finish to an excellent effect!

You receive all the special required cards and instructions.