Enchanting Queen (Jumbo)


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The red Queen is never where it seems to be. Four jumbo cards are shown; three black Tens and a red Queen. The Queen magically jumps from the table back to the pack of four cards a number of times! Each time it seems more impossible.

For those magicians that like ‘Packet Card Tricks,’ here is a novel one using Jumbo cards. Four jumbo cards, three black Tens and one red Queen are used. One of the black cards is placed on the table. The red Queen is mixed with the other black cards. Spectators are asked to pick the Queen but they fail as the Queen magically changes place with the Ten on the table. The effect is repeated with the same result. Finally, the Ten kept on the table becomes the odd card as the other cards are seen as three red Queens!

Easy to do. No difficult sleights are required and the cards we supply are specially printed to do most of the work for you. With a little handling practice, you can put this in your act with good results!